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Monday, July 22, 2013


Wahoo! We knew after our 13 week scan, but it was confirmed at our 20 week that there is indeed a little baby boy growing in my tummy. So crazy! Pregnancy is crazy. We had a few friends and family over this weekend to share the news. I am kicking myself for telling so many people the "supposed" gender after the 13 weeks scan. I couldn't help it! So the grandparents kind of  knew what was coming, but we still had a lot of fun though! I made this moon pinata from oh happy day (a separate post is coming about that) I ended up having to smash it inside due to the weather. Then I made my favorite coconut cake for dessert equipped with blue cake of course! I guess it is now time to officially get cranking on the nursery. Oh, yah and baby names! : )

happy monday!


  1. YAY!!! Sorry we couldn't make it over to the house to celebrate. So excited for you too. Dying to see how you do the nursery.


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