Rory James

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am here, I am alive, and we have a healthy baby boy! I always wonder when bloggers drop of the side of the's like, are they okay, what happened! LOL. Well nothing and everything has happened since I have been gone. Nothing being, we are all here in one piece, and everything being, omg we now have a baby! I am the proud momma of Rory James, the most handsome little chunk in all the land according to me : )

He came by surprise. I went to my midwife appointment as usual and mentioned that a had a little liquid, uh hem, you know where. Apparently that was cause for concern because my normally cool, calm collected nurse started buzzing around practically pushing me into the examining room, dragging an ultrasound machine behind her. The midwife came in on time (this place is notorious for being late) and my husband walked in as soon as she came up from examining me to declare, "my water had broke." My husband and I looked at each other, stunned, color drained from our face...we were like okaayyyy, whattt dooesss thisss mean!??!?! She said "are you ready to have a baby today". What!? I was only 38 weeks 4 days, I am suppose to be late like every other first time mum.

She told us go home, pack our bags, go have lunch and meet her at the hospital. Because my water had been broken for 24 hours at that point, she said they had to induce me because I was at risk for infection. My dream of having a water birth was out of the question. I was scared. I was nervous, but I was ready.

We packed our bags, went to our favorite neighborhood joint for a quick salad and a sandwich and were both strangely calm. We then made it to the hospital around 2 in the afternoon. I had no contractions at this point. The nurse ran a test to verify that my water had broke, it had. They gave me my first hospital meal (it was 4:30 at this point), which my husband urged me to eat knowing that it was probably going to be a long night. I ate it. After triage we were moved to the delivery room and the real fun began.

At 6 pm we started petocin. yuk. not part of my birth plan, but I wasn't having any contractions and we needed to get things moving. Every thirty minutes our sweet and feisty nurse Bah (yes that was her name) would crank the petocin up a couple of notches. Around 10 I started "feeling it". I would stand on the side of the bed and my hubs would message my back. It hurt, but I was like oh man I got this babe, this ain't so bad. I felt like wonder women. The midwife came in to check on me. Because my water had broke she couldn't check to see how far I was dilated due to risk of infection, but she said that by looking at me I wasn't ready yet. She thought that I had quite a ways to go (thinking I wasn't going to deliver until the next day) and suggested a little demerol to help me sleep. I accepted and I swear AS SOON as she left the room, things got REALLY intense. I got on all fours on top of the bed and began moaning through each contraction. I looked at my husband and said, "is this some kind of sick joke", because I thought they were with holding the pain meds from me. He said, "babe it has been five minutes". It was unbearable, I told Bah I needed an epideral. She quickly administered the demerol and urged me to see how I felt after. The pain meds were administered, relief....yay not happening. The pain was still there, just as intense, but only I felt paralyzed to say anything. All I could do was moan.

The next couple of hours a blur. My husband and I spooned on the hospital bed, as I moaned through each contraction, which seemed to be right on top of each other. I am guessing the nurse told the midwife I seemed ready and around 1 they came in and checked me. I was fully dilated. It was time to push. I felt so tired, but I had a strange urge to push. Everyone says you poop, but man, oh man I peed all over my poor midwife, which actually made me laugh through the pain. I think I pushed for a total of 30 minutes, and was able to watch him come out (not with a mirror or anything, but was able to peer over), which actually motivated me to push harder and longer. So yay, the pain, let's talk about that for a second. It felt as if someone was taking a blow torch to my lady REALLY burned. But just like that he was out.

Rory James was born at 1:44am after only 4 hours of active labor. He was placed on my chest and he looked straight at me. He looked like me, I felt love, I felt shocked, it all just felt really surreal. After an hour on my chest they took him to check all his vitals and what not, dad didn't leave his side, and momma got 2 hours of the best sleep she probably will have for the rest of her life.

He has now been home with us for 2 months now. He is changing daily and my love for him continues to grow. They say becoming a parent is the best thing ever, and while it is, it has also been the most challenging 2 months of my life. You sacrifice yourself for your child, your sleep, your social life, sometimes food and hygiene. But somehow it is all so worth it, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Here is to you Rory James and to all the joy and love you bring your mommy and daddy! We love watching you grow and experience the world. You are our everything!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am having one of those uninspired days. I am in full blown production mode on the work front, wrapping up a huge website design before baby comes and it just has me...down. The tedious production work for web design stresses me out, especially with my baby clock ticking. Speaking of which, my impeding due date has me feeling the most anxious I have been all pregnancy. I am just in a constant state of omg how is he doing in there, omg what if he comes early and I am not done with everything, yada yada yada. I am hoping to find some peace in these last weeks of him inside my belly, because I have a feeling I am going to in a weird way miss it once he gets here. Although I seriously CAN NOT wait to meet this cutie!

So in lieu of everything I decided to take some time for me to make this oober happy mood board. Fall is approaching, and I love everything about the warmth of this season, but there is something about the colors above that just make me happy no matter what the season is. Hope it makes you happy too!

I plan on being be back on the blog front next week sharing a couple of pics of little mans nursery, thoughts, and maybe a couple freezer recipes I plan on making in the coming months.

Happy Tuesday guys!

bye bye second tri

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I can't even believe I am in the third trimester, the final lap to meet this little man that I already am so in love with. woohoo! we got to see him in 3d a few days ago (totally recommend) I cried the happiest tears to see that our babe was an actual bonafide human and not some alien creature. I don't know why but it is still, after 28 weeks, so crazy to me that there is a human growing in my belly. seeing his perfect little features made it SO real. 

so about the pregnancy! during the second tri I put on a whopping 12 pounds for a grand total of 20. my wedding rings still fit (yay). I have become addicted to asos maternity and maxi skirts (not sure if I will ever be able to wear one again after baby is born). lil' guy moves around like crazy, especially at night when we are lounging on the couch. we couldn't be more confused about names...i think we are down to two, but I am married to one and my husband seems to be married to another. as much as I would like to have a name set to share with family and friends, I really don't think we will know until we meet him. his nursery is really coming together and i find myself just standing in the door staring at it at least five times a day. people are SOOO nice to you when your pregnant, and it seems sincerely genuine. my NAILS, omg my nails, are absolutely fabulous. they are so strong and long, which is a first for me. I really hope this sticks post babe. knock on wood, but no real heart burn or debilitating back pain yet, but I do get an occasional leg cramp. It is hard to get up from the lying down position, which makes me laugh. he seems to always lay on the right side of my tummy making it look severely deformed and lumpy, but I love it because you can definitely make out which body part is sticking out. speaking of body parts, i am starting to be able to feel which is which, I can feel my stomach and tell if I am touching is leg, bum or arm. so crazy!

it is safe to say I am a change women. i feel so lucky that I get to carry around this little life all day. I am so in love with him and as much as I can't wait to meet him, I can't imagine not having him belly. two and a half more months and I get to kiss is sweet face.

aztec stamp

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

here is the other stamp i created. the perfect addition to spruce up craft paper, or add it to a folded piece of paper to make a quick card, so many possibilities. stamps rock!

triangle stamp

Monday, August 26, 2013

so i think you are already aware of my major triangle obsession. i use them a lot in my personal designs and always seem to gravitate towards designs that incorporate them. i have started thinking about how to wrap my presents this year and bought my self a HUGE bolt of craft paper (here). super cheap, but kind of plain and boring. so i thought i would make a stamp with my fav shape to spruce it up...and wallahhhh. i made another stamp that i will post tomorrow, both of which will be available in our shop sometime in the next couple of weeks (still working out which vendor i want to use).

Stella for adidas

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

i just wrapped up a super rad presentation for one of my clients. while I can't share the presentation with you due to confidentiality, i can share some of the fab imagery i used in it. my client is pitching stella mccartneys athletic collection for adidas. have you guys seen stellas new adidas line? the colors are fabulous and the designs are super cutting edge. here is some of the recent campaign images i used for the presentation. (and can i just say how giddy I am knowing that somewhere in london stella is going to lay her fabulously tasteful eyes on my lil' ol' presentation...eeekkkk can't help but get a little star struck!)

to shop stellas adidas line click here

better than coffee

Friday, August 16, 2013

i am obsessed with this banana/cocoa-powder/sun-butter concoction. work has been super cray lately so i have been pretty much making this every morning to give me that "coffee" boost. and hot damn does the cocoa powder in this gives you a boost. i didn't know until recently how good cocoa powder is for you. it is rich in flavanoids a powerful atioxidant, magnesium, has anti-depressant effects, and also lowers cholesterol and increases blood flow! healthy and yummy! try it this weekend guys!

+ I N G R E D I E N T S +
full banana
1 TBLS of cocoa powder (i use this stuff)
1.5 TBLS of sun butter or peanut butter (this is my absolute favorite)
TSP of vanilla
cup of coconut milk (i use this unsweetened)
1-2 medjool dates to add sweetness
 handful of ice-cubes
+ E X T R A S +
walnuts + cashews + cinnamon + chia seeds + maple syrup
(yields a single serving)

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