bump update

Friday, July 12, 2013

I can't believe it, I am almost at the half way point!!! I have been feeling lots of little flutters, which is probably the most amazing feeling ever. Hubs has recently been able to feel them as well, which he is over the moon about. I feel like my belly has doubled since the holiday, which was what like a week ago?! I swear this past week baby must of flipped in a way to make my belly more pronounced and the flutters more prominent! I love it!

So far I have been feeling pretty good. My appetite has increased, I am up about 11 pounds, which admittley is tough to swallow, but I know is all for a good cause. Food honestly just tastes better when your pregnant, like orgasmically good. We find out the gender next week! Eek! I am just hoping that lil' one is healthy and growing big and strong. 

Till next time! Happy weekend!


  1. you look adorable, love that dress! very exciting you find out the gender soon!

  2. thank you so much ladies! : )


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