Friday, May 17, 2013

o-boy, this blog has become the static channel of an old tv set. I am struggling with trying to post original content, and sometimes that just ain't in the cards. with the weather warming up, the last thing i want to do is sit on the computer if I don't have to, which I am sure all my designer and computer labored friends can totally relate too. that said I am going to post what i can when i can, whether it be work related stuff, weekend adventures, life, what I am cooking, music playlists and a few inspo/curated posts here and there. still working on finding that balance in the freelance world and sometimes that is just learning to say no (easier said than done), but I am getting there.

this weekend we are getting some pool time and my parents house while they are out of town. the one downside to moving into a house was giving up our loft complex's community pool. many a good time was had there. I am sure we will still hit it up from time to time this summer.

lastly, how beautiful is this flower crown my sister made me. I dried it out and super excited to rock it this summer.

have a beautiful weekend you guys!


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