Thursday, March 28, 2013

It is about that time to start decorating the ol' easter eggs. I LOVE hard boiled eggs, so any excuse to make them I am game. I envisioned black and white eggs with pops of color. I thought by mixing all the dyes that come in the standard easter dye kit it would make a deep black. Well it didn't, but instead made a beautiful deep purpley, maroon color. Also I was hoping for crisp lines using the painter tape, but the vinegar ate through causing some super cool bleeds. Although the project wasn't how I envisioned in my head, kinda happy with how they turned out.

TOOLS: egg dye kit, three tablespoons of vinegar (I only had apple cider, which seemed to work fine), 12 hard boiled eggs, painters tape.

MAKE: add all the dyes to the vinegar with about two cups of water and allow a few minutes for the tablets to disintegrate. Tape up your eggs, dip, dry and remove. I took the tape off when the eggs were just about done drying (because I am inpatient) and rubbed the excess with the paper towel. 

Happy Easter you guys, we are headed to the lake this weekend for some much needed R & R! 


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