cauliflower what?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cauliflower pizza!!! This is the third time I have made it this month and thought it was time to share. Pizza is at the top of my list of pregnancy cravings (along with ice-cream & eggs) so I was thrilled to find a healthy alternative. I have been a fan of detoxinistas blog for a while now (she has great healthy recipes, oh and is also pregnant) and have tried several of her recipes. They have each blown my mind, this being no exception. The cauliflower crust doesn't have the "crunch" of normal pizza (my husbands only complaint) but the flavors are, do I dare say, better than regular ol' pizza dough.

This particilar recipe has a few steps, but nothing you can't take on. The trick is to squeeze out all the juices of the cooked cauliflower "rice". I like to use a goat chesse mixed with garlic and onion, but other than that I pretty much stuck to Megans recipe.

Find the recipe here. Also check out her vegan "mac & cheese"  recipe that has NO's amaze!


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