Friday, January 4, 2013

wait...check to see if there is a pulse. Yes, yes I am still alive over here. And I am just going to say it, moving sucks. Like really, really...buuuuttttt moving into in rad new place is totally awesome. So there's that. Wait and did a a new year pass in the process?... I swear the days have been running together. However, while in the midst of moving heavy boxes my creative juices have been flowing and I am pretty amped for the new year. There are some changes happening over here on my end. Some bad news that I am trying to work into a positive and of course the good news of a new house. Here's to embracing the zig zags of this ol' game of life. Cheers to a new year...o and happy weekend!

1- the keys to your brand new house (cue bob barkers voice)
2- yoga zen that i need to get back into
3- champagne in the new pad welcoming 2013
4- a couple of people moving shit in a big ol' truck


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