happy weekend

Friday, December 14, 2012

< photos courtesy of instagram @mthreedesign>
YAYYY!!! Sometimes you need those really tough weeks to appreciate the wonderfulness that is the weekend. This weekend will be full of cleaning and purging as we start to get ready for the move. I am hoping to find this one gold ring that has been "misplaced" for nearly a year now. A girl can hope.

1 // mello cat just being mello cat
2 // ceiling of our loft. Perhaps I will take some pics this weekend, yes i should probably (totally) do that.
3 // my sister just got back from art basal and some how our night (and by night I mean early evening) took us to southern star tattoo to finally get a the sister tat we have been talking about getting for the past three years. That is our inner upper arm FYI.
4 // ugh so I know I totally posted about my holiday wrapping game plan and how there was going to be ample sheets and blah blah blah. Welp I was wrong, and I used it all up with presents to spare. So I made some make shift wrapping paper with some old craft paper // paint // and a tequila topper as a stamp. Not to shabby eh?

Hope everyone has a wondrous weekend!


  1. So I really hope you don't think I'm copying you and your sis, but this weekend I'm finally get this triangle tattoo I've always wanted! It looks just like yours but it will be on my wrist!

    Yours' turned out wonderful though so hopefully mine will too!

    And I hope you find your ring. I was hoping to find a long lost remote during our move but I had no luck!

  2. Get it girl! Are you on instagram? I wanna see a pic.

    Also the ring was a no-show, but I am not losing hope until we are officially moved out!


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