Happy Weekend

Friday, November 2, 2012

< photos courtesy of instagram @mthreedesign>

Whew, this week flew by! Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! We unfortunately do not get any trick or treaters at our loft complex, but I saw some really adorable costumes driving to yoga class on Wednesday. Seriously though, little kids dressed up is painfully cute!

1// gorgeous flowers from the hubs, for no reason, because he is just the greatest man...ever. I can't get over how cute mello looks in this picture.
2 // seesters DIY bat costume.
3 // us ladies on Saturday night (best. night. ever)
4 // David Byrne & St. Vincents Love this Giant record!!! Sooo good!

We are off to to celebrate hubs bday early with his parents up in Grayson, then heading to the Falcons game Sunday with my folks. Lots of family time, which means lots of wine and yummy food. Also we are checking out a house we are pretty serious about for the second time, fingers crossed!

Happy weekend folks!


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