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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well ladies and gents, time to blow the cobwebs off the ol' keyboard and get back to making sweet blogging love. I can give you a handful of excuses on my absence, life, job, freelance work, maintaining the house, thank yous, cooking, what have you...but honestly I am a little hesitant to share such a special (sacred) day. But I am, I must, It was just so great not too. Side note: I just read the most fabulous blog entry over at She Breathes Deeply that I can just SO relate to right now and has something to do with my absence. She touches on finding a's either 0%-150%, all or nothing, full throttle or dead stop and letting insecurities about being perfect prevent her from just being. Sometimes when life faces you with a million things that you need to do, it's so hard to just do one thing. I mentally and physically shut down. But today, I have made an oath to myself, I will be positive, and just...BE.

Instead of going into incredible detail...I am just going to let these wonderful pictures by the super talented Kyle Hale to the talking.

Check out the photos Kyle Hale posted on his blog

Cheers! I promise not to be a blog stranger only popping my head around when the seas are calm.

....yes my new initials are M.M.M, doesn't get much yummier than that!


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